Our Issues


I believe that every family in Texas, and across the nation, should be able get, and keep, the healthcare they need. The House of Representatives recently repealed the Affordable Care Act and passed the American Health Care Act, and the effects of this will devastate Texas families.

Whether you have ever been sick, or pregnant, or just need a routine checkup, the bill that the House passed, and Kevin Brady advocated for, will hurt your health, and your bank account. The worst parts of this bill allow insurance companies to not cover “essential health benefits” such as trips in an ambulance, maternity and newborn care, chronic disease management, and preventative and wellness care. This bill also allows the premium costs for our most vulnerable neighbors to skyrocket, for example: a 64-year-old who makes $26,500 would see her annual premiums increase from $1,700 to $14,600.

All of this is done to allow for a tax decrease for the wealthiest of Americans. My opponent, Kevin Brady stated loud and clear that he wants to cut his taxes at the expense of the health of people like my grandmother.


Economy and Jobs

After the economic collapse of 2009, the federal government focused on bailing out the worst-hit industries. Though that choice was the right one, it has not done enough to bring back jobs to the lower and middle class. As we move forward and see improvements in technology, there will be some jobs that go away. It is the obligation of our elected officials to focus on making retraining and education both affordable and attainable. I will go to Washington and make sure that our neighbors don’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and that our policies increase job security.



Both of my parents are public school teachers. I believe in public schools and public school teachers. We must restore a culture of respect for people who teach in public schools, and to pay them according to the value we place on the future. Public school teachers have held the ladder into the middle class for millions, and we are counting on them to do so for millions to come.

I believe that all education is important, from making pre-K available to everybody, funding elementary, middle, and high schools to ensure low student to teacher ratios and higher education salaries, or fighting for affordable vocational, two- and four-year education. A bachelors, masters, or doctorate is not everybody’s path. I am proud of the hard work my wife has put into her business. She went to vocational training to become a pet stylist, and, through her hard work and affordable training, she makes a salary that helps firmly place us in the middle class. This is the American Dream, and I believe that our elected officials have a duty to ensure that everybody has a shot at it. I promise to go to Washington to fight to ensure quality, affordable public education, no matter your path.


Student Debt

In our country, 44.2 million Americans hold roughly $1.44 trillion in student debt. That’s trillion. We are currently in a vicious cycle of being required to get a college degree by any means necessary – usually by taking out loans – to pursue a career, yet when we exit college there are no job prospects available because we are told we don’t have the experience needed. Swimming in student debt is a non-partisan issue, and there is a lack of leadership in Washington fighting for Americans who hold student debt, whether they are the students or their parents. I promise to go to Washington and introduce a bill that expands the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, institutionalizes the funding of this program, and consider ways that help to alleviate the constant burden of the monthly debt payments.

Students should not have to borrow the cost of a first home to get an education, and student loans should not be a profit center for banks or the government.


Government Efficiency

For the past six years, I have worked at the City of Houston as a problem solver. Whether I am helping citizens have their day-to-day issues resolved, working with the police and fire departments to reduce the amount it takes to get to a citizen in an emergency, working with the forensic science center to reduce the amount of time it takes to test evidence for murders and rapes, or tightening the screws on departments that are spiking overtime, I always have the taxpayers’ best interests in mind.

Day in and day out, I bring a small-business mentality to a $5 billion budget, and in my time there, we’ve saved taxpayers tens of millions of real dollars. I will take that mentality to the departments of the federal government. I will work to ensure the VA runs in a way that ensures the highest-quality care and compassion for those who have served to protect us, that Medicare and Social Security are run in a way that is reflective of the love and admiration we have for our elders, and that our national parks are appropriately managed to allow for public enjoyment as well as to prevent poaching on our public lands.

Congress is elected to be a check and balance on the other branches, and I plan on taking my good government sensibilities to Washington and being that check and balance.